Sustainably transform your dog's health with a unique protein mix.

We bring a small but innovative change to dog nutrition, with a big impact, on your pet and the planet.
Every kibble is a protein powerhouse. Goodbye fillers, Hello nutrients!


Inspired by nutritionist and refined by specialist in animal health, we have only ingredients that add value to your pets.
No fillers, only nutrients.


Reviews by wagging tails

Pumpkin is a rescue with only a few teeth, so there is not much chewing involved! Dienon is super easy to digest, she is full of energy even after every meal!

Eleanor loves her Dienon. It's Sustainable, promote better digestive health and RICH in superfoods. Thank you for keeping us energized!!

I'm always looking for ways to reduce my dog's environmental impact and I'm excited that there are Canadian companies trying to make the industry greener.

I've been using this food for training. The kibble size is perfect for little snickity snacks and Forest's poop has stayed healthy which is a real treat!


At Dienon, we don't bite the hand that feeds us. Our practices leave
the smallest possible environmental footprint and we use alternative
and sustainable protein sources in our recipes.