Like you, we care about the health of your pet and the planet.

That’s why our formulas
are designed and produced by passionate experts in an environmentally
responsible and sustainable way, using only the finest ingredients.

We’ve been committed to these values from the very start.

Vintage photo of a dog

When I was young, me and my siblings used to spend holidays at our grandma's. She adopted a friendly puppy that we watched grow up with us, but one day the dog fell ill.

We called our furry, four-legged sibling Diana. My grandma took great care of her, and she prepared feasts from the same delicious food that made us happy. Diana always enjoyed them so much, however, these delicious meals were not able to help Diana with her skin, hair and teeth problems. In truth, they were doing us more good than her.

Dienon was born out of this love for animals that my grandmother instilled in us. And even though I learned long ago that table scraps make a poor diet for our pets, our hearts were in the right place.

The same love drives our research and the preparation of Dienon formulas today. Formulas designed by true animal health experts, who are on a constant quest to offer magical meals with research-backed benefits.

Thank you, Grandma!
Dienon Founder

Crops being taken care of

Quality pet food with many nutritional benefits

Dienon is a Canadian company specialising in animal nutrition. Our products are designed to help your pets grow and develop in the best possible conditions and reach it potential.

To achieve this, we surround ourselves with nutritionists and animal health specialists in order to develop recipes that enable pet parents to better look after the well-being of their precious friends.

Our formulas are made up of quality, value-added functional ingredients. Superfoods featuring properties and benefits that are well known to science and appreciated by your dogs.

- High quality and sustainable proteins, ethically sourced.
- Functional fruits and vegetables.
- GMO-Free, No artificial colours or flavours.