The Future of Dog Food: Insect-based Protein

The Future of Dog Food: Insect-based Protein

The Future of Dog Food: Insect-based Protein

As a dog lover, you want the best for your pooch.

Keeping a pet healthy means annual veterinarian checkups, adequate exercise, and feeding high-quality food. But as the pet care space develops and evolves, it can be difficult to keep up with the trends and know exactly what you should be putting in your dog’s bowl for maximum longevity and good health.

One surprising dog food ingredient that is both nutritious and delicious?
Insect-based protein!

Here at Dienon, we believe in products that are better for your pet and the planet. As a leader in the insect protein industry, we know this alternative protein will play a huge role in the future of dog food.

Let’s see what all the “buzz” is about! Get familiar with what insect protein is, why it matters, and discover the incredible benefits of adding insects to your dog’s diet.

What is Insect-based Dog Food?

To start, insect-based dog food is exactly what it sounds like – dog food made from pulverized insects. Specifically, crickets, black soldier fly larvae, housefly pupae, crickets, mealworm larvae, etc.

Ew… gross! Or is it?

Turns out, no. In fact, insects are regularly consumed by over 2 million people globally. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), “more than 1900 species have reportedly been used as food. Insects deliver a host of ecological services that are fundamental to the survival of humankind.”

Wow – that’s a lot of bugs.

In many parts of the world, insects have long been appreciated as a food staple. Now, scientists, nutritionists, pet store owners, and farmers in North American and European countries are beginning to also promote the health-boosting ways that both people – and their pets – can incorporate insect-based food into meals.

4 Amazing Benefits of Insect-based Dog Food

The question of course is, why bother?

Afterall, traditional dog food in the form of kibble is widely accepted as standard. And depending on local cultures and cuisine, the thought of feeding your dog insects might seem odd, at first. Yet recently, The British Veterinary Association (BVA) claimed that insect-based foods might be “better for pets than prime steak.”

Simply put, insect-based pet food is the future. Here’s why:

Environmentally friendly

Infographic showing the Impact on the environment of producing 10 kg. of protein with animal versus insects

One of the biggest reasons to be excited about insect-based dog food is the positive impact it has on the earth.

Unlike meat, insect farming practices are sustainable. Nearly zero greenhouse gases are emitted. Similar, because insects are so small, less farmland is needed to raise crops that feed cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc. As a result, we see less habitat destruction and water waste.

High in Protein & Low in Fat

Bulldog picture

Insects are protein powerhouses!, the Black Soldier Fly contains 2x more protein than beef. Plus, these little insects have nine essentials amino acids. The fly larvae itself is up to 50% crude protein. When compared to mammals and poultry, insects are a safe and meat-free alternative way for dogs to get necessary proteins… minus the harmful antibiotics and pesticides often found in the animal by-products used to make many commercial kibble.

While some Dienon recipes also mix insects and animal protein, all of our  ingredients are GMO free.

Excellent Source of Minerals

Supplements for pets

Third, insects are a great source of vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin B.

Multiple research shows that insect protein have more zinc and iron than lean meat and its calcium content is higher than milk.

Your dog needs these to have a balanced diet. Otherwise, they are at risk of developing deficiencies. Rather than worry about finding supplements, health-conscious pet parents instead opt feed high-quality dog foods made from mineral, vitamin, and calorie dense ingredients.

Economic Benefits

Eco friendly pet parent and dog

Lastly, there are also economic benefits to harvesting insects for food.

Let’s be honest…it costs an enormous amount of money to eat meat and deal with additional supplements and veterinary bills.

With inflation through the roof globally and farmers warning of increased production costs, labor shortages, droughts and wildfires ruining crops, etc., it’s never been pricier for the average shopper to add meat to their weekly grocery list.

On the other hand (or should we say, paw?) insects are cheaper to raise. Their tiny size and fast reproduction mean they are less expensive to cultivate. Economically, this is expected to have a trickle-down effect in the future.

In fact, The American Kennel Club states that, “Insect-based feed companies are the largest funded up-and-coming agriculture companies at present.”

Bugs are budget-friendly and delicious…who knew?

The Future of Dog Food Starts at Dienon

For all these reasons, it’s impossible NOT to get excited about the potential of insect-based pet food!

In the past, dog owners had limited choices when it came to their pet’s diet. Nowadays, people are more environmentally conscious and want to guarantee that their puppy’s bowl is full of only the healthiest ingredients.

As a proudly Canadian company, Dienon is here to help you make the best choices for your pet’s nutrition, always.

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