Best Condo Dogs for Toronto: 5 Breeds to Consider.

Best Condo Dogs for Toronto: 5 Breeds to Consider.

Best Condo Dogs for Toronto: 5 Breeds to Consider.

Calling all dog lovers living in the 6ix!
Did you know that Toronto was ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. In fact, we have more dogs in our downtown core than entire neighbourhoods combined. That's a lot of puppies! But not all dog breeds are a good fit for city life, especially for those of us living in condos. So, to help you find the perfect furry companion, here are the top 5 dog breeds that are "paw-some" for Toronto condos.

5 Dog Breeds Perfect for Toronto Condos

Before we dive in, remember to check your condo building's rules and guidelines regarding pet ownership. Many associations have weight restrictions in place, and the last thing you want is to get in trouble for having a dog that's too large.

French Bulldog: A playful and quiet Condo life companion

French bulldog on a kayak with Toronto skyline in the background

First up is the French Bulldog, with their adorable, squishy faces and playful personalities. Weighing between 16-18 lbs, Frenchies are the perfect choice for families living in condos. Not only are they friendly and active enough to keep up with children, but they're also generally not loud barkers, making them a great fit for communal living.

Plus, they don't drool, making it easy to keep small spaces clean.


Pug: The Laid-back lapdog perfect for Condo living

Pug resting on a stuffed unicorn toy

If you're looking for a dog that loves to relax, look no further than the comical Pug. With their wrinkly faces and minimal exercise needs, Pugs are great for people who want to share their high-rise homes with a smaller sized dog.

Two 20-minute walks per day are all they need before it's nap time!


Chihuahua: The tyny and low-maintenance Condo companion

Chihuahua resting in owners arms

For those living in one-bedroom condos with limited space, the tiny Chihuahua might be the perfect fit. Measuring only 6-9 inches tall, these little pups are perfectly content with their bed, toys, bowls, and crate all in one corner. They also prefer warm weather, so if you hate the cold Toronto winter windchill, Chihuahuas will be satisfied with a quick walk outdoors.


Greyhound: A surprisingly calm and trainable breed for condos

Woman kissing a greyhound dog in a toronto condo apartment

You might be surprised to learn that Greyhounds make great condo pets, thanks to their high IQ levels and calm, trainable personalities. Unlike Huskies or Beagles, Greyhounds are quiet dogs that don't howl, making them ideal for communal living.

They're also happy with one or two runs per day. Just be sure to buy a winter coat for these short haired pups. They get chilly. Brrr….


Great Dane: A gentle giant that fits into Condo life

Great Dane dog resting on couch

Last (but certainly not least) is the Great Dane. Don’t be fooled – these gentle giants actually don’t require too much space. Puppies have spurts of energy, but once they mature, Great Danes are content to stretch out on the couch and snooze away the afternoon. 

Plus, they are loyal and friendly towards both humans and other dogs. Perfect for buildings with a mix of people and animals.


Final Considerations 

In summary, to guarantee your dog fits into condo life well, think carefully about their breed. Many dogs can adapt to smaller spaces. However, ask yourself:

  • Am I prepared to go inside and outside multiple times per day for bathroom breaks? Take the elevator? Carry my dog?
  • Do I have the time to walk my dog or visit the park?
  • Is this a breed known for barking? Will noise potentially bother my neighbors?
  • Take a look at the list of Dog Parks in Toronto and plan ahead!
  • Review the City of Toronto Responsible Dog Ownership guide
  • Please don't just choose a breed first, and instead check the Toronto Humane Society and other rescue organizations and you might find the perfect one for your home.

With these considerations in mind, you can enjoy living in Toronto with your perfect furry companion.